Project Review and Approvals

The 495 NEXT Project’s Environmental Assessment has received a “Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)” from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and National Park Service (NPS). This action enables the project to advance into the design and construction phase. Additionally, FHWA approved the project’s interchange justification report, a traffic study that includes analysis of traffic impacts and benefits associated with the 495 NEXT project.

VDOT’s environmental assessment (EA) kicked off in April 2018 to find solutions that would reduce congestion, provide additional travel choices, improve travel reliability and enhance safety on the northernmost section of I-495 in Virginia. The EA evaluated site-specific conditions and potential effects that a proposed express lanes extension would have on the natural and human environment. Guided by technical study and analysis, and public input, the recommended project was determined to have no significant impact on the environment.

VDOT is working with Transurban, private partner to the Commonwealth on the existing 495 Express Lanes, under a Framework Agreement signed in January 2019 on the 495 NEXT project, with the goal of having no public funding from the Commonwealth needed for the initiative. VDOT and Transurban are nearing completion of a final project agreement where Transurban will be responsible for the project’s financing, design, construction, and maintenance of the extended express lanes.

Construction on the 495 NEXT project is expected to begin in 2022, with the express lanes extension opening in 2025.

Find additional information on these approvals in this VDOT news release from July 9, 2021.


Document File / Size
Revised Environmental Assessment and Appendices PDF, 172MB
4(f)-6(f) Technical Memorandum Errata Sheet PDF, 150KB
Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) from Federal Highway Administration PDF, 420KB
Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) from Federal Highway Administration Appendix A PDF, 525KB
Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) from National Park Service PDF, 3MB
Section 4(f) Temporary Occupancy and De Minimis Impact Determination Concurrence from Fairfax County Park Authority (05-12-2021) PDF, 3MB
Final Approved IJR with Signatures PDF, 86MB
Final IJR Appendices PDF, 284MB
HOT Lanes Designation by Commonwealth Transportation Board (04-20-2021) PDF, 3MB
Traffic and Transportation Technical Report (TATTR) PDF, 129MB
TATTR Errata #1 (05-07-2020) PDF, 200KB
TATTR Errata #2 (06-01-2020) PDF, 270KB
Alternatives Development Tech Memo Final PDF, 14.6MB
Cultural Resources Survey Tech Report Final PDF, 12MB
Cultural Resources Survey Tech Report Appendices PDF, 36.2
George Washington Memorial Parkway Visualizations Booklet PDF, 85MB
Hazardous Materials Tech Memo Final PDF, 1.7MB
Hazardous Materials Tech Memo Appendices PDF, 3MB
Preliminary Noise Tech Report Final PDF, 2.6MB
Preliminary Noise Tech Report Appendices PDF, 53.5MB
Air Quality Tech Report Final PDF, 4.2MB
Air Quality Tech Report Appendices PDF, 6.1MB
Indirect & Cumulative Effects Tech Report Final PDF, 6.4MB
Natural Resources Tech Report Final PDF, 10.2MB
Natural Resources Tech Report Appendices PDF, 11MB
Socioeconomic & Land Use Tech Report PDF, 5.3MB